Monday, November 29, 2010


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pumpkins and Halloween

As always, Tuck and I headed out to pick our pumpkin this year. He loves picking it every year!!

Chance always does a great job at carving our pumpkin. This year T could really help!!

Aunt Kella was even here to join in the fun this year!!

This year for Halloween, we trick or treated around our neighborhood. T picked out his costume on his own.....

Showing off his tatoo..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10% off and Free Tupperware

BeautiControl is owned by Tupperware so they collaborated again this year for these fabulous gift items!!

The best parts, they are 10% off until the end of November & the Tupperware is free!!

Margarita Gift Set Go ahead — give happy hour anytime with this beautiful Margarita Gift Set featuring mega-moisturizers. The signature scent of tangy lime, a dash of salt and a pinch of sweetness make these favorites both tangy and tempting.

Gift Set Includes: Creamy Margarita Body Lotion, Frozen Margarita Foot Creme,Tangy Margarita Lip Balm, Tupperware bowl and gift wrap set.

BC Spa Pedicure Gift Set This Gift Set helps anyone put their best foot forward with our clinically-tested BC Spa Pedicure collection and our one-of-a-kind Tupperware® BC Spa Blue Bowl.

Gift Set Includes: BC Spa Pedicure Foot Spray, BC Spa Pedicure Instant Pedicure Scrub, BC Spa Pedicure Cooling Foot Salve, Tupperware BC Spa Blue Bowl and gift wrap set.

NEW Chocolate Indulgence Gift Set All of the decadent Chocolate Indulgence products are paired with a fabulous, reusable BeautiControl® exclusive Chocolate Cherry Tupperware® bowl - creating a holiday set that makes an indulgence gift.

Gift Set Includes: Milk Chocolate Caramel Body Souffle, Dark Chocolate Espresso Exfoliating Body Wash, Spiced Chocolate Fragrance Mist, Chocolate Cherry Lip Gloss, White Chocolate Peppermint Instant Manicure, BC Spa Manicure Extreme Repair Hand Creme.

Spa Brown Sugar Gift Set Our Spa Brown Sugar Gift Set offers a decadent array of products from our beloved Spa Brown Sugar collection.

Gift Set Includes: Spa Brown Sugar Body Lotion, Spa Brown Sugar Candle, Two of the Spa Brown Sugar Scrubs, Tupperware® bowl and gift wrap set.

BC Spa Manicure Gift Set
This exclusive Tupperware® BC Spa Blue Bowl overflows with beautifully crafted products for months of perfect manicures.

Gift Set Includes: BC Spa Manicure Instant Manicure, BC Spa Manicure Extreme Repair Hand Cremes, BC Spa Manicure Cuticle Oil Pen, BC Spa Blue Tupperware bowl and gift wrap set.

Herbal Serenity® Bath and Body Gift Set This beautiful Gift Set includes herbal essentials to pamper your special someone with relaxation.

Gift Set Includes: Herbal Serenity Body Scrub, Herbal Serenity Body Gelee, Herbal Serenity Body Creme, Herbal Serenity Body Oil, Tupperware® bowl and gift wrap set.

BC Spa Detox Gift Set These products offer invigorating blends of essential oils and minerals that give head-to-toe pampering. It’s all presented in a beautiful Tupperware® Ice Prism bowl.

Gift Set Includes: BC Spa Detox Detoxifying Clay Masque, BC Spa Detox Detoxifying Bath Soak, BC Spa Detox Masque Brush, FREE BC Spa Blue Tupperware bowl and gift wrap set.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Table

Thanks to my wonderful friend Addie, who shared this fabulous idea she found with me, and my handyman husband - Chance I have a new table!!

I am so enjoying the organization this table has added to our den. I love when Chance and I do projects together and save money. We do usually fuss a little bit because we have different ideas on how to get from point A to point B. But, it helps us understand each other better (such as why we might have miscommunications) and see another way of doing things.

I have taken a little break from DIY projects since we finished the table. I really do like doing them but it makes me stretch my creativity/artistic muscle. I know some of you very artistically talented people are saying really, "She had to stretch a creative bone to copy something?" but yes I did to put my own style into it. If you know me, you know that even my stick people drawings have issues. I am so thankful that Chance can draw and T received his ability to draw and not mine. Yes, my 3 year old can draw better than I can.
Like I said, I really do enjoy DIY projects and crafty type things I just have to take a break to rest my artistically challenged muscle and desire for it perfect. I think it has to be perfect or I am not happy with myself.

I forgot to take a before picture. I did find this picture from T's 2nd birthday but of course it was organized since we had family over.

Here is the table my wonderful husband constructed.....

Here is the table in our den!! I pulled the accessories on top from around our house. I love the tiered rack from Willow House!! I have two BeautiControl clients who are Willow House Consultants so if you would like one of your own check out Heather or Jennifer's info by clicking on their names.

I purchased these fun giraffe file folders from Ballard Designs when they were on sale!!! I had been eyeing them for a while but didn't want to purchase them and put them in a filing cabinet where they couldn't be seen. After I purchased the tiered rack from Willow House I immediately thought of these file folders and when they were on sale knew I needed them.
These are roses from the rose bush Chance planted in our yard. Thanks to Chance it has stayed alive. I do water it occasionally but Chance keeps it alive.

Material Costs:
Fabric glue = $2.58 (with 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby)
Fabric = $17.36 (fabrics were on sale that week for 30% off at Hobby Lobby)
Drawer Carts = $21.58 (on sale for $9.99 each that week at Target)
Nail gun = $30 with nails (I had a coupon to Lowes)
I couldn't find the receipt for the lumber so I'm pretty sure Chance used wood that was left over from the arbor he built several years ago in our backyard.
Total cost: $71.52
Priceless to have T's toys concealed and organized yet still where he can easily play with them!!

Thank you handyman husband for a great table!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Formal

Chance and I had the privilege of going to the Alpha Gam fall formal in October and I am so glad our friends the Lamberths went with us!! This year the formal was in Atlant at the Opera House. We had a great time!!! Thanks Nolen and Addie for going with us!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sale and Employee Gifts!!

This fabulous BeautiControl product is on sale for 40% OFF!! That's right 40% off!! It is great for dry, thirsty skin. My mother LOVES it!! Great Christmas present for your mother, mother-in-law and grandmothers for a fabulous price!!

BeautiControl's Dermal Filling Moisture Masque saturates your skin with the moisture it needs to stay healthy and smooth. Made with a patent-pending triple peptide complex and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres®, you not only get the moisture you need, but you also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 15 minutes!
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Also, I have enjoyed working with several businesses for their Employee of the Month Gift!! Here are two examples of gifts I have done lately. I know these are feminine but BeautiControl has products for men too so I can make it more masculine.

I can work with any size budget and deliver it wrapped and ready to go!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So sorry

So sorry I have been MIA. My computer had to be worked on and I have been catching up on my business before I caught up on my blog.

Big thank you to my dear friend Ashley B. for recommending Jonas at Plainsman Computer Systems. Call Jonas if you need computer help 334-246-1727!! He is fast, friendly, affordable and offers EXCELLENT customer service!!

I am so thankful to have my computer back spyware free!!

On another note, please vote for my friend Ashley's brother here