Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lip Cremes

Last week I got these awesome Lip Cremes in!!! They go on like lipgloss but stay on like a lipstick. What is your favorite color? Rose Blush, Buff, Cherry Blossom, Rich Fig or Mahogany? I am already out of one of the colors. Hurry and get yours before I am sold out... these are LIMITED EDITION!!
This picture is from my cell phone but you can also check them out here.

Get sunburned at the game and have dry dead skin hanging around? Had a good friend and client's husband call me last week and need something for his sunburned forehead from football game. BeautiControl's Spa Facial Purifying Exfoliating Polish got his forehead looking better than ever!!

I received a copy of The Little Black Book Fall 2011 by BCBGMAXAZRIA. On the inside of the front cover it says, "This fall is all about the unexpected details that reveal individual style." Max and Lubov Perfect time to check out your personal style on BeautiControl's eBeauti!! Check it out eBeauti on my beautipage

Monday, September 26, 2011


BeautiControl launched our new BC Spa Facial line earlier this year and it is FABULOUS!!! BeautiControl has improved our skincare and even saved those of us already using BeautiControl time and money with this new skincare. The onld M.R.P. consisted of 4 basic Maintenance (the skin on the surface you do see) steps(cleanser, toner, moisturizer and scrub), 2 Repair (for the skin you can't see under the epidermis) steps (one for you eyes and one for your face) and then a Prevention (for the skin you will see) product with SPF in it. We now offer 4 skincare steps (Purifysing Cleanser, Regenerating Tonic, Exfolitating Polish and Defend Moisture Lotion with SPF 20) and then a night creme and eye creme if desired. With the new BC Spa Facial line, BeautiControl is saving us time and money!! Two things we all could use more of!!

Here is a little back ground of what BeautiControl has done over the past few years...
The formula for BeautiControl’s success in skin care has always been very simple…M.R.P. Maintenance, Repair and Prevention is the formula that made BeautiControl’s products one of a kind and made us a force to be reckoned with in this highly competitive skin care and cosmetic market. After the introduction of Regeneration in 1993, BeautiControl quickly became known for our prowess in the anti-aging arena and became a market and trend leader when it came to skin repair. The introduction of Microdermabrasion sealed the deal and the competition knew that we had the corner on skin repairing treatments at the most affordable price on the market.
No longer did you need to combine multiple products to get the results that you now get with the use of your basic skin care line. Combine the use of these products with your Microdermabrasion and TFF for an added bonus and you see immediate changes to your skin, while knowing that you are getting the long-term, age reversing results that BeautiControl is known for.

Is change hard? You bet it is. Is change necessary? You bet it is. Companies that don’t change die! Without advancements in technology BeautiControl would not be BeautiControl. Our niche in this market has and will always be offering the most advanced solutions for skin care and anti-aging products. There is not another company that offers what we offer. You can’t touch our technology and you certainly can’t touch our price-points!

I love helping my clients see results and save money at the same time!!
For example, I have a client who has been using other BeautiControl products but never our skincare. We were talking a few weeks ago and she is spending $40 a month, that's $480 a year on skincare. BeautiControl's personalized skincare lasts approximately 3-4 months and cost $99. BC will save her $21 every 3 months which means she will save $84 a year!! Just another reason I love BC, high end results with out the high end price!!

Have a great Monday!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Here is our preschool going boy...

Recently they had school pictures and this is what my 4 year old "baby" boy had to say...
"Momma, picture day is coming soon and I need to wear somehting stylish, sharp, rough and tough." I love this little boy. He bring joy to your lives!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Comfort the Weekend Warrior and Don’t Get Irritated

There is a weekend warrior in all of us. The weekend gets here and we play too hard or spend just a tad more time in the sun that we expected. Here are some must-haves to keep on hand in the event that you over-do:

•Luxuries of the Sea Instant Comfort Gel – this product is great to keep on hand for general muscle and joint aches and pains. This product takes no time at all to penetrate and give you quick, long lasting comfort. Check it out here.
•BC Spa Detox Bath Soak – When your muscles are tired, sore and over-worked, grab a bottle of BC Spa Detox Bath Soak and head for the tub. 20 minutes in a warm bath will help open the pores, purge toxins and energize your body. This product is also good immediately after sun exposure to help alleviate the damaging effects of too much sun. Find it here.
•TFF Dermal Filling Moisture Mask – we all do it. We think we are going to be ok, then 2 hours after coming in the house realize the “OUCH!” of too much of a good thing. One miracle treatment that I love to keep around for over-exposure to the sun is the Regeneration Tight Firm and Fill Dermal Filling Moisture Mask. Apply a generous amount to the skin, and allow it to penetrate. Instead of rinsing, rub the product into the skin before bed. The skin rejuvenating benefits of the Hyaluronic Filling Spheres will work magic on your skin while you sleep, turning that terrible burn, into a beautiful bronzed tan. Great for dry skin too, check it out here.

Don’t Get Irritated

As much as we love to be outdoors during the Summer, we are constantly exposed to a variety of factors that can leave our skin irritated. Elevated temperatures, bug bites, contact allergies, dermatitis and exposure to those less than skin-friendly botanical varieties such as poison ivy, poison oak, evergreen trees, etc, can cause temporary, but uncomfortable itching, stinging and rash like symptoms. Here are a few must have products to keep on hand to relieve itching and discomfort, while expediting the healing process of skin irritations:

•Skinlogics Sensitive Protective Services – face, find all the details here
•Corticure Comfort Lotion – body, find it here

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking to Make $$ or Save $$

BeautiControl is offering an AMAZING opportunity right now (for only 10 more days) to get $242 in product for only $99!!!

By becoming a BeautiControl Consultant you can make money by holding spa escapes and sharing with your family and friends or you can save money on your own products!!!

I will be glad to talk with you in more detail!! Message me today or find me on facebook here. If you know BeautiControl is something you are ready to do right now, click here to go to my webpage and then select change your life in the left hand corner.

Here is a picture of the fabulous products you receive....

Here is a list of the fabulous products you receive...
$242 Retail Value includes:
BC Spa Facial Collection (7 pieces)
Revolutionary Skin Sensors (20)
Skinlogics Lip Apeel*
BC Spa Instant Manicure *
BC Spa Extreme Repair Hand Therapy*
Defend and Restore Night Crème (10 samples)
Restructuring Eye Crème (10 samples)
Product Spatulas
Playbook and How to Spa DVD
Spa Materials to share the opportunity and
sell products
Gorgeous Spa Now Bag
* Best Selling Products

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friday Lunch

Last Friday T and I took a picnic lunch to the local airport to watch planes landing and leaving. He loved it last year and loved it again this year!!
Last year..

This year...

I can't believe how much he's changed in a year (I know you can't really tell in this picture but take my word for it. LOL). Time is flying by way to quickly.
Have a wonderful weekend and War Eagle!!

Fashion Week

That's right BeautiControl is in the news and working Fashion Week again this year!!

BeautiControl will be walking the runways at Fashion week this year for a star-studded Fashion week experience that you all will love to be a part of.

BeautiControl was such a success last year, that we were invited back to co-sponsor and provide makeup/hair for each of the Style 360 Shows, as well as re-unite with Irina Shabayeva (you may remember her from Project Runway and remember when we provided hair and makeup for her first NYC Fashion show), in tandem with Audi and Swarovski to co-sponsor her Spring 2012 Fashion Show.

This is very exciting. Not only do we get to participate in the incredible Style 360Shows, which feature emerging creative designers that are sure to get a great deal of media attention, but we really have the opportunity to get very up close and personal with the designers and play a very key role in the makeup design and selection for the shows. We have an unusual opportunity with these shows to reach a huge and extremely diverse audience.

We are in great company this year as we team up with the following sponsors to help features these designers as they premier their Spring 2012 fashion runway collections:

If you want to know more about any of the designers, you can follow this link to and learn more about each of the designers involved in the shows. Many of this year's designers are anticipating a large following of media support this year, so be sure to watch E television and look for us again.

As I said earlier, we will also be sponsoring Irina Shaybayeva's Spring 2012 Fashion show which is sure to be a very grand affair.

Monday, September 12, 2011

BeautiControl Sale

There are lots of BeautiControl products that you can save money on this month!!!

Microderm Abrasion is the BeautiPick of the month!! Save 15%!!!

Check out all the details here.
Microderm Abrasion deeply exfoliates the skin surface to dramatically increase skin firmness, diminish lines & wrinkles, & restore clarity!
It can cost up to $200+ for just ONE treatment, and you need at ...least 10 treatments to see a difference! BC's Microderm Abrasion is at least 15+ treatments! $2000 vs. $59.50!

Plus you can save 10% during our night and day sale. Check it out here to find
Defend and Restore Moisture Lotion and Creme
Defend and Restore Night Creme
Regeneration with Retinol (that is great for age spots/dark spots/ sun spots)
and BC Spa Facial Multi Acid Peel 10% OFF!!! There are more so head on over the see ALL the sale items!!

What do Champagne and Caviar, Sultry and Twilight have in common?!?!
Check out these hot colors....I have them instock today!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Art Cookies

Each week at pre-school T is working a new letter. Last week he learned the letter A. On Friday the kids have special snack that the Moms take turns bringing in.

I signed up for the letter A because I remembered seeing a great idea in Martha Stewart Living!! So, T and I made Art cookies last week!!! He loves to help so I thought it would be fun for him to help make something for his class and learn more about the letter A.

Here is a little video of the experience (please excuse my southern accent, geez it sounds worse on video)...

Daddy came in as we were adding the food coloring and helped us...

Here is my precious preschooler with his Art Cookies. He however wasn't feeling 100%that day so we had to take the cookies to school and come back home. At least we had fun making them!!

If you would like to make them with your child click here to find Martha's recipe!! Please not that we didn't use straws since we were taking them to pre-school. We used toothpicks to spread the food coloring.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Good. The Bad. The Oily.

It’s funny how we always want something that we don’t have. If we are short, we wish we were taller, If we are blonde, we wish we were brunette, if we have oily skin, we wish it was dry, if we have dry skin, we wish it was oily. The fact is, regardless of how the cards have been dealt, there are advantages and disadvantages to any situation.

For those with oily skin, there is one key advantage…you will not age as quickly as those of us who have more dry skin condition. The disadvantage of having oily skin; however, sometimes over-shadow the benefits of slower aging. The disadvantages of oily skin include increased frequency in acne breakouts, clogged or congested pores, which can result in acne, blackheads or a condition called mila, decreased durability of your foundation and makeup as well as the appearance of enlarged pores.

The treatment of oily skin can be somewhat counter-intuitive. One would think that to treat oily skin, you should use products that dry the skin’s surface, when, in fact, that is the worst thing you can do. Using products that dry the skin’s surface, or over-exfoliating the skin can actually increase oil production, as the body works overtime to supplement the oil that you are scrubbing away. Over stimulating the skin’s oil glands will result in increased oil production and an increase in the likelihood of breakouts or congested pores.

To treat oily skin, here are a few things to remember:

•Use cleansers that are mild, preferably those that don’t contain sulfates, which can dry the skin. The Skinlogics Clear Cleanser, the BC Spa Facial Cleansing Gel and Cleansing Lotion or the Skinlogics Sensitive Cleanser are all appropriate for those with oily skin. Do not wash the face more than 3 times per day. Over-washing the skin can result in increased oil production.
•Use warm to hot water when washing the face. This will help to breakdown the oil so it is removed more effectively.
•A topical scrub is key for keeping the pores cleared and preventing acne breakouts and regulating oil production. Microdermabrasion (on sale this month!!) is a product that is a key part of your weekly skin regimen, but be sure to scrub no more than 3 times per week. Over-scrubbing the skin can contribute to increased oil production.
•Products containing AHAs, PHAs, or salicylic acid (BHAs) are key to breaking down oil production and keeping the pores cleared of debris that can cause the formation of acne blemishes. The BC Spa Facial Tonics, containing AHAs or PHAs, or the Skinlogics Clear Tonic for those with extremely oily skin are all good choices. The BC Spa Resurface Resurfacing Peel (also on sale this month!!) and the Daily Resurfacing Peel are also great additions to your regimen
•A clay-based mask, such as the BC Spa Detox Detoxifying Clay Mask, will both absorb oil and cleanse the pores (see BC Spa Detox and Purify Facial below).
•It is important to note that products DO NOT increase the size of your pores. Your pores are typically enlarged either due to heredity or skin type. Often, when you begin using a regimen that is effectively cleansing the pores, the pores MAY APPEAR to be larger. This is, in fact, an illusion. When the pores are completely clear, they may become temporarily more visible to the naked eye. Frequent and regular use of an effective skin clearing regimen will keep the pores cleared and they will, in time, shrink in size and become less visible.
•Make retinol a part of your regular nighttime regimen. The use of retinol will help normalize both skin cell production and oil production in the skin. Regeneration Overnight (on sale this month) is the PERFECT choice. Upon initial use of the product, you may notice that your skin appears to be dry and/or flakey, and you may experience some temporary mild topical irritation. This is not a bad thing. With regular and consistent use, the irritation and temporary dryness will be eliminated and you will be left with beautifully radiant skin. To help decrease the risk of irritation, begin using a retinol products every other night and allow the skin to adjust before making it part of your nighttime regimen.
•Choose moisturizers that are not oil-based. Keep in mind that I didn’t necessarily say “oil-free”. There are some ingredients that are legally and technically classified as “oils”, that are indeed not oily at all. If a product is oil based, you will recognize it within the top 5 ingredients on the ingredient statement.
•Use products that contain topical mattifying ingredients. The Skinlogics Clear Mattifying Moisturizer is a great choice for daytime use to help absorb oil in the skin. Products containing silicones are also very effective in absorbing oil and preventing oil breakthrough during the day. BC Spa Resurface Daily Resurfacing Peel, the Cell Block C Multivitamin Capsules and the Secret Agent Natural Primer are all good choices.
•Use sunscreens sparingly. Yes, we all know that sun protection is key to maintaining youthful skin; however, the draw-back to them is that they can make the skin oilier. Physical barrier sunscreens, containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide work by putting a UV blocking barrier on the skin. This occlusive barrier can cause the skin to be oilier throughout the day. Chemical sunscreens work by penetrating into the skin to absorb UV radiation. These ingredients are typically oilier and can also cause the skin to be oilier. If you have oily skin, use sun protecting moisturizers sparingly…meaning a very small amount. To help reduce that oily feeling, you can apply on top of a product containing silicone as mentioned above or apply on top of a mattifying moisturizer. Many people who have oily skin choose to use a moisturizer without SPF ingredients. The BC Spa Facial Night Cream (also on sale this month!!) is a great AM/PM moisturizer for someone who wants the benefits of anti-aging ingredients in their moisturizer without SPF ingredients.
•Choose a foundation that is oil free. Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish (we can find your perfect shade!!) is a great foundation to choose if you have oily skin. Applied on top of a silicone based product, such as the Secret Agent Natural Primer, Daily Resurfacing Peel or the Cell Block C Multivitamin capsules will help to prolong the wear. Apply by dusting the powder onto the face with a powder brush. This will give you natural coverage and will allow the skin to breathe better than applying with a sponge.
•Oil absorbing Tissues, such as our incredible BeautiControllers, are great for blotting oil during the day. These tissues will not block oil production, but they will absorb the oil on the skin, leaving you shine-free without disturbing your makeup.
•For the occasional blemish, it is always good to keep a targeted spot treatment such as the Skinlogics Clear Spot Treatment Duo. This handy dandy little zit zapper is both portable and highly effective at abbreviating the cycle of a blemish. The gel contains an OTC (over the counter) level of salicylic acid which will help to remove the microscopic covering of the pore and allow the pore to purge toxins as well as offering analgesic benefits to reduce irritation. The lotion side contains a high level of benzoyl peroxide, which is effective at drying the pore. Used in tandem, AM and PM, you will see a dramatic reduction in the breakouts.
BC Spa Detox and Purify Facial:

The Oily Skin Tool Kit:

•A gentle cleanser that is free of sulfates
Microdermabrasion, used no more than 3 times per week
•BC Spa Resurface, Resurfacing Peel
BC Spa Detox Clay Masque to deeply cleanse the pores
•BC Spa Facial Tonic, containing either AHAs or PHAs. For extremely oily skin, the Skinlogics Clear tonic, containing salicylic acid
Skinlogics Clear Mattifying Moisturizer
BC Spa Facial Night Crème
Regeneration Overnight
BC Spa Resurface Daily Resurfacing Peel or Cell Block C Multivitamin Capsules
Secret Agent Natural Makeup Primer
Wet/Dry Foundation
•BeautiControllers – oil absorbing tissues
Skinlogics Clear Spot Treatment Duo

It is very important to remember that people who have oilier skin tend to retain more toxins in the skin. It is not unusual for you to experience breakouts when you start using products that purge the skin’s impurities. When you start using a clay based mask and/or using microdermabrasion, you are increasing the skin’s rate of renewal and purging toxins more quickly. This is a natural process of skin cleansing. If you find that you are breaking out more than you are willing to handle, you can begin by using these products once or twice weekly and increase the frequency as you feel your skin is adjusting.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

We are "laboring" around here. My sweet husband and little boy are helping me vacuum and dust. I took a little break and just wanted to say hey!

Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day and staying dry!! I am so thankful for all of the rain. We needed it!!

Here is a little money tip. You can usually save some money by paying in full.
Places like daycare, preschool, private school and many other places give you somewhat of a discount if you pay in full!! It never hurts to ask!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


In June a girl I went to high school with got married. She was so sweet to invite T man to the wedding also. He LOVED it. He danced with the flower girl and we had a big night. Katie looked great and everything was gorgeous.
It was great to catch up with my high school guy pals

I found T's great outfit at Ada Kids. If you haven't been there you totally need to go!! They have AWESOME kids clothes and good prices!!

T and me dancing

It begins with the cute flower girl...

With the bride

She tried to kiss T. but he kindly said, "I have a girlfriend, Libby, but thank you though." LOL. Out of the mouth of a babe.