Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tucker's First (official) haircut

Okay so last week was a very eventful week for Tucker. We had our first official hair cut (I have trimmed it but we have never been anywhere before for them to cut it) last Thursday. Also, we had our two year old check up last Friday. Everything was great at his check-up and he is know 28 pounds and 6 ounces. He was so good at the doctor. On our way to the Pediatric Clinic I was telling Tucker we were going to see Dr. Carter and what all he would do at Dr. Carter's office. So while we are waiting for Dr. Nicole Carter (who is fabulous by the way) to come in Tucker says, "Mommy, when she comes, I gonna say Heeeeey Docta Cata (I must add that he raised his hand, waving, when he said hey)." So of course I laughed and then said okay Tuck that would be very nice of you and sure enough when she walked in Tucker said just what he told me he was going to say. She died laughing and said well Hey Tucker. Dr. Carter said we don't have to come back until his 3 year old appointment or until his is sick. Thank goodness the Lord has blessed us with such a healthy child and we have only had to go for one sick visit. That is so hard to believe that we might not have to go back to the pediatrician until he is 3.

Okay so back to the haircut, for those of you who know me know that I had a very hard time cutting his hair. People think he is a girl all the time because he has long hair even though he is dressed in very boy clothes. It doesn't bother me like it does Chance so Chance was ready for the haircut but I was not. We went to a place in Columbus, Georgia called Pigtails and Crewcuts. Tucker loved it because he got to sit in an airplane while he got his hair cut and watch a movie!! He did so good. So we got it cut and we got about an inch cut off which is alot to me. Chance didn't even notice Tucker got his haircut and was kinda mad at me for not cutting more off. He's over it now and can't bug me anymore about getting his hair cut because we have now had our first haircut!!




Saturday, February 21, 2009

I can't believe my Baby is 2!!

It's hard to believe that our little Valentine's Baby is now two!!

What a difference a year makes...

Last Saturday, we had a little family party with just our immediate family. Tucker had a wonderful time and was of course the center of attention.
Last year we had a cowboy theme. I asked Tuck what kind of party he wanted this year. I suggested a train party, a tractor party, a truck party. He informed me he wanted a tractor, trailor and cake party. LOL. I said okay. I couldn't let my little man down so here is his tractor cake..

My mom and I baked the cake, made the icing, and supervised the icing color while my dad did most of the icing decorating. I couldn't have done it with out my wonderful parents!! My sweet husband was playing with Tuck and keeping him out of the kitchen. So, it was definitely a family affair for this cake to come together.
I took care of the tractor and cake part that Tucker wanted and my parents got Tucker a trailor to go with the John Deere lawn mower they got him for Christmas!!

He had a big day and lots of fun!! The rest are pictures of some of his presents. He kept saying "Is dat pesent for me!?!?"

Tucker "helping" put his new lodge together

We got our first hair cut on Thursday. I'll post that soon!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I did this on facebook a few weeks ago and thought I would share on here!

1. I'm not believing that I'm actually filling this thing out...here we go...

2. I am married to the best man in the world and love of my life! Sorry all you other ladies had to settle for 'second best'.

3. I met my husband Chance at Auburn University’s Camp War Eagle.

4. I am exactly what I’ve always wanted to be… a wife and mommy.

5. I never dreamed of having a career, see #4, but I am so thankful for the wonderful career I have with BeautiControl. I love relaxing and de-stressing ladies at Spa Escapes at Home and at Work. I am so thankful that I have the BeautiControl opportunity to share with ladies to allow them to make extra money for their families. I am also thankful that the Lord has allowed my business to continue to grow.

6. I’m so thankful that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior but I fail to thank Him enough for all He has blessed me with.

7. I am enjoying the Beth Moore Believing God Bible Study I am doing with the ladies in my Sunday School Class. I love that it gets me in God’s Word everyday.

8. I enjoy reading books by entrepreneurs (Truett Cathy’s books are amazing) and books about money/finances.

9. I grew up in Dublin, Georgia.

10. I am an only child so if we don’t have another child I am perfectly happy with just Tuck-man.

11. I talk to my mom at least once a day.

12. I pray that Chance and I can be as wonderful of parents to Tucker that our parents were/are to us (my parents aren’t stupid like they were when I was a teenager).

13. I enjoy teaching aerobics at AC Fitness for Women.

14. I love living in Auburn and if we do move I want to go some place bigger but Chance wants to go smaller (we are still praying about this).

15. I have a to-do list everyday and I love marking each item off as I do it.

16. I love meeting new people and being involved.

17. I am terrible at remembering people’s names but I can usually remember where I met them and random facts about them.

18. I caved and now have a blog. www.cbtstephenson.blogspot.com

19. I care too much about what other people think about me.

20. I am really working on being more organized.

21. I’d rather cook than clean.

22. In my spare time, I would love to learn to sew.

23. I love to sing and listen to music.

24. I love to shop.

25. I have to have a Diet Coke with Lime a day, it’s my coffee.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!! Be looking for pictures of Tuck's birthday next week. I can't believe my baby will be 2 on Saturday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Eyeshadow application

One of my friends purchased this eyeshadow/lipgloss duo for her sister for Christmas. Well, when I was talking to her 2 weeks ago she said she decided to keep it for herself. She said she doesn't wear eyemake-up alot and felt weird when she did put it on because she doesn't wear it much. So this got me to thinking that I should share my eyeshadow application technique and ladies don't ever be afraid of a little color.
If you will look at the picture with the colors in the black and white polka-dot compact, sorry it's so small but you can click on it to make it bigger- you can tell I'm a little technologically challenged because I couldn't figure out to make the picture bigger without distorting it, okay back to the eyeshadow, starting from the left the first three colors are eyeshadow colors and the last two are lipglosses. To start our eyeshadow application information, I want you to look at the blue color in the center. Start with the blue and put it just on the lower portion of your eyelid (just below the crease). Now moving to the left to the darker brown color, apply the dark brown just in your crease (right in the center of your eyelid) following the curve of your eyeball. Lastly, the color on the far left is your blending color. You want to apply this to your entire eyelid and use it to blend the two previous colors to tone them down (great for those of us who can get a little heavy handed at times). If you look at the colors with the ladies in it, you will notice that the 2 lipglosses come first and then the 3 eyeshadow color.
Each of the three palettes features three eye shadows, one creme lip color, one frost lip color, one duo lip/eye brush and one built-in application mirror. All BeautiControl products are ophthalmologist, dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy tested. I hope this helps you with your eyeshadow application every morning!!

For Spring 2009, smokey eyes with purples, blues and greys with nude and pale lip color.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Busy Life!!

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything. We have been on the go lately. I guess I'll start with last weekend. Last Friday we went out to eat and bowling with our Sunday School class and had a fabulous time!! Tucker even got to bowl. "Miss" Mikki (Nikki) and "Miss" Katherine let Tuck man take a turn. He loved it and even knocked over some pins. Tucker with "Miss" Katherine
All the Ladies after bowling!!

Then on Saturday I went to a baby shower for my sweet friend Shealy and Baby Kate!! Everything was gorgeous and I had a fabulous time!! While I attended the shower and then had a BC Spa Escape that night Chance and Tucker went to Eufaula so Chance could get another hunt in since deer season ended yesterday. This is a doe Chance shot over Thanksgiving on some land my parents have in Dexter, Georgia.

This is the buck Chance shot while I was at Shealy's shower and working.
When Chance and Tucker returned home from Eufaula he said, "Daddy killed a monser (monster) buck. Not a doe, mommy, a monser buck." I think I have a little hunter on my hands.
On Monday I had a Spa Escape with my good friend Nikki, taught aerobics on Wednesday morning and then had a Spa Escape at Work. Chance is enjoying his job landscaping with Southern Pride Landscape and this week we had the opportunity to go on a trip. We left Wednesday with Wesley and Callie (Chance's boss and bosses wife) to go to Mobile for the Gulf States Horticultural Expo and returned on Friday after eating alot of great seafood!! My parents kept Tucker for us while we were gone so last night after my Spa Escape we meet my parents in Columbus where they were attending the Georgia Young Farmer Convention. When we got there, the convention was ending with the annual dance and live band. Tucker had a ball dancing to Confederate Railroad!! I left my camera at home or there would be pictures of that. So there is our life for the past two weeks in a nutshell. Plus throw in Bible Study for Chance and me on Tuesday nights (Beth Moore is awesome) and who knows what else I forgot. So needless to say, after church and eating lunch out today we have just been relaxing at the house this afternoon and evening. Sorry this is so long I promise to do better about posting so it's not a novel next time.