Wednesday, February 29, 2012


With our foundation sale going on here, I felt it was appropriate to also talk about makeup brushes.

I LOVE the way makeup goes on with brushes. I do all of my bride's makeup with makeup brushes because it just gives a flawless, weightless look. I use BeautiControl's makeup brushes everyday when applying my own personal makeup.

BeautiTip: Use a gentle shampoo or face cleaser to lather brushes, then rinse with tepid water. Keep water on bristles ONLY, then lay flat to dry. DO not stand brushes upright to dry. It's important to keep water out of the metal base so that bristles don't loosen and come out.

Monday, February 27, 2012

U.S. National Debt Update and BROKE MENTALITY

Great info from Joseph Sangl. Check him out here.

The US National Debt has increased by $93,188,029,341 since our last update in January 13, 2012. Another month, and the United States has dropped nearly another $100 billion in the hole.

National Debt as of 2/6/2012
QUESTION: Have you ever lived this way – where you used a credit card or some other form of debt to spend money that you did not have?

My question is this: At what point in time will this type of spending stop?

What are YOUR suggestions for addressing this?

Here is more great info from Joseph...
I am passionate about helping people win with their money. This means that I really focus on the statements that people make and how they make them. I observe their body language, tone, pitch, and wording.

There are some statements that are particularly telling of what I call a “broke mentality” – the thinking of a financially broke individual.

One of those statements is “How much are the payments?”

People who are not broke ask the better question – “How much is the total cost – the purchase price AND the ongoing operating expenses?”

I have observed that people who ask “How much are the payments?” are more likely to:

■Pay a much higher purchase price
■Pay a much higher rate of interest
■Be unaware of the ongoing operating expenses
■Finance their purchase versus pay cash
■Still be paying for their purchase even after that item has been discarded

We are ALL susceptible to falling into the “broke mentality” – Have you ever made decisions this way?

Great money info to think about. Thank you Joseph!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Water Park

Where does the time go? I feel like just yesterday it was Labor Day weekend 2011 and we were at the water park....
eating icecream....

going down the big slide....

T went down backwards and pretty sure we traumatized our child...

but he still had fun!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Extreme Repair

Winter Skin Got You Chapped ??

Dry, chapped skin can be irritating and painful - especially on the hands and lips. Your hands and lips are two of your most exposed body parts to the harsh, cold winter weather. But it's easy to help keep them protected, moisturized and soft. Make sure to keep your hand crème with you at all times and consistently moisturize. Try using the BC Spa Manicure Instant Manicure once or twice a week followed by the Extreme Repair Hand Crème (on sale this month 20% off) for the ultimate hand manicure that will leave your hands softer than ever before.
To help keep your lips kissably soft for Valentine's Day, add a hint of sheen and a lot of moisture using a lip balm. Remember, this month we have three delicious flavors on sale. Perfect to use after exfoliating your lips with Skinlogics Lip Apeel to help prevent dry lips.
The Lip Apeel has a peel and balm all in one container. I had a client tell me if she was going on surviver and could only take one thing she would take the BeautiControl's Lip Balm!!!
Check these soothing products out on my page...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration


Your attitude towards life defines not only who you are, but the quality of life you are after.

Whatever it is that has been bugging you, doesn’t seem so bad anymore, does it? If only we all could have the spirit that this little boy has!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Christmas in a Railroad Town and Santa Breakfast

Our little guy turned 5 on Valentine's Day so next week I will have a post of his party. I am just way behind and tired (to be perfectly honest) and haven't had a chance to sit down and upload the pictures and write a post. So for now here is an old happening in our life (since I seem to stay behind, lol).

Every year our city has a wonderful event called Christmas in a Railroad Town. We love going and enjoy being in the quaint downtown part of our city. We enjoyed eating dinner downtown and all of the activities!!
This year T was able to make a shirt...

Then we got to watch it "dry"

Then he wrote/drew a letter to Santa (notice he had to put his shirt on)

T was very happy is girlfriend and her family met up with us downtown...

Here we are in front of the huge Christmas tree that we have taken a picture in front of every year...

(sorry the picture is so bad, again thank you Mom and Dad for the new camera you gave us for Christmas)
Our first year in front of the tree...

So this was Friday night then Saturday morning we attended the Santa breakfast!!!
There we......
Decorated cookies (this is the only picture my camera would work for but thank goodness for the iPhone)

Talked to Santa...

Spent more time with Libster...

Enjoyed delicious food...

(see, I do exist)

Santa even came to our table...

Then we headed to E-town to celebrate, early, my hubby and Father in-law's birthday...

It was quite the weekend. See why I am just now posting Christmas in February, lol?!?!

Also, if you are interested in walking or running, Junior League of Lee County is having our 6th annual Walk & Run on April 14,2012 at 9:00 a.m. at Town Creek Park. Cost is $15 before April 1st and $20 after. I have a form that I will be glad to e-mail. It's a pdf so I coudln't get it to upload here. You can also find a form online here. Please put my name on it so that I can get the credit!! The chidlren of Lee County and the League members thank you!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Use Promo Codes, thank you Joseph Sangl

I found this from another e-mail list I get and thought these were great questions to ask ourselves since we just started a new year.

•Are you better or worse off than you were five years ago?
•Has your net worth grown or shrunk - or are you saying
“what net worth?”
•Have you been able to pay down or pay off your debt…
or is it continuing to climb?
•Do you have more or less free time for yourself or to spend
with your family and friends?

Now, on to a Savings Tip – Use Promo Codes

This is part of a regular series of Savings Tips shared at

Anyone who shops on-line knows that most retailers offer promo codes. The key is finding them!

Of course, you could use Google to search for them, but that can land you in the endless circle of coupon and promo code sites that provide zero assistance.

The best promo code site I have ever found is

Over the past three years, I estimate that has saved me over $2,000 in hotel, printing, and merchandise purchases. If you shop on-line, I highly recommend using this great site to SAVE MONEY – one of my favorite things to do!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Eskimo Pie, Contest and Martha Stewart

Last week it was our turn to take special snack on Friday and we had the letter E. I couldn't think of a thing kids would eat that started with an E. I thought of eggs but coudln't think of how I would keep them warm. I googled kid food that starts with E and this is what I found on

Eskimo Pie
1 stick butter
15 oz. Oreos, crushed
1/2 gallon of any ice crea, (I used frozen yogurt to try to make it a little healthy)
9 oz. carton of Cool Whip

Melt butter and mix with crushed Oreos. First place 1/2 of the Oreos in the bottom of the pan. Mix ice cream and Cool Whip and put on top of the Oreos in pan. Top with remaining Oreos. Freezes well. Serves 12-15.

I loved that I could make it earlier in the week and freeze it.
T loved helping me make it!! His teacher said all the kids asked for seconds!!

T with our creation...

Also T is in a competition of facebook and we would appreciate your vote!! Click here to vote for his Cars inspired cookie box. Like T's picture, #A21 Age Group 2-4,
The winners are determined by the photos in that category with the most “likes.” The prizes are as follows:
$50 for 1st place
$25 for 2nd place
$10 for 3rd place

While you are there, please vote for mine in the Business Category. Click here and like my cookie box. The business with the most likes get $100 donated in their honor to Relay for Life.
While you are there like Kathy Powell-State Farm Agent!! She always has lots of fun things going on on her page!!

Thank you!!

On another note, I found this great info, thanks Martha, about measurment substitutions that I wanted to share. I am going to laminate these and keep in our kitchen. Check out the info here and the printables here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Foundation Sale

The key to foundation is to cover and even skin tone. You want it to be very natural and not even look like you have on foundation. You just want your face to look flawless. It is not to look like a cake on your face (you know what I am talking about) or to create that terrible line on your jaw (the wrong color).

All of these foundations are on 10% off this month!!!

Our Wet/Dry is my personal favorite, the foundation I wear and BeautiControl's number one selling foundation...

I had a new client, I met her at a Spa Escape and she purchased wet/dry, call me this weekend and said that 2 of her friends asked her if she had had work done. She was beside herself (so was I)!!! I love having happy customers!!
Another client said... "It doesn't feel like I have anything on my face and so far I don't look shiny!!"

Our liquid foundation is also great...

Here is our liquid foundation with properties from our exclusive Tight, Firm and Fill face product!!!
It might pass our wet/dry soon as our #1 selling foundation...

Creme-to-Powder and Creme Shear Protection are great for dry skin types.

I am always here if you need help finding the perfect foundation!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Maximize Your 401(k) – Get The Full Match

Here is another great post from Joseph Sangl. Find out all about him here.

Maximize Your 401(k) – Get The Full Match

If you have a retirement plan available to you at your workplace:

AND your company provides matching funds – such as a “dollar-for-dollar up to 3-percent of pay” or “50 cents on the dollar up to 6-percent of pay” then …


Check with your employer to ensure you obtaining the absolute maximum amount of the company match.

It is FREE MONEY, and it is part of your compensation.

Go to Human Resources and ensure you are contributing enough to at least obtain the full company match!

QUESTION: Would you share with me about your company match and whether you are receiving the full company match?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Gingerbread Cookies and our Christmas Tree

Last year my Mother In-Law, Sister In-Law and I started making gingerbread cookies for our boys to countdown the days until Christmas.
The boys (ages 4 and 2) have a little longer attention span each year. This year was the most fun because they loved being involved even more.
I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

MeMe didn't mind if her boys made a mess, lol, if we were at my house I would have been having a stroke, lol.

So excited about the cookies he made...

Busy Boys icing away...

Enjoying his hard work...

The Mommas and their Boys


2010, what a difference a year makes

The year my husband and I got married we started a tradition of going and cutting down our own tree. We have loved continuing this tradition with our little guy.
Here is the tree T picked at the Christmas Tree Farm

All of us infront of our tree before we cut it down...

The boys cutting down our tree

T in front of our tree...

Of course Tumba made his appearance this year!! Here he is hanging out on my parent's Christmas tree

As you can see, Tumba's picture is much better than the other pictures. Thank you Mom and Dad for the new camera you gave my hubby and me for Christmas!!!