Monday, July 30, 2012

Irregular/Seasonal/Cyclical Income Budgeting

More great money info from Joseph Sangl.  Check him out here.

There is a large group of people whose family economy is powered by irregular income.
Real estate agents, hair stylists, commissioned salesmen, and business owners all experience cyclical income.
Folks who live with this type of income often tell me that it is impossible to budget. They say that they have no idea how much they will make this month, so it makes budgeting impossible.
I say that not only is it possible, but people with irregular income need a budget more than anyone!!
In this series of posts, I will explain how to budget with irregular income. Here’s a hint – It’s EZ!!!
Step 1 – Recognize it!
You must recognize that you have irregular income! If you have ever starved to death during the “off” season, you KNOW what I am talking about! In order to stop having your life severely impacted by “off” seasons, you must prepare!
Question of the Day: If your family economy is powered by irregular income, what do you do to prepare for “off” seasons?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Steps to Flawless Foundation

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~Make sure to blend out to your hair and jaw line until the foundation virtually disappears.
~Pay special attention to the blending around your nose and jaw line.

~Set the foundation with powder following application. Try BC's Wet/Dry Mineral powder for an unbelievable finish! Use dry for smooth coverage or to set foundation or wet as a foundation on it's own! $22
Note: You may choose to use concealer following foundation application, instead of before, which is perfectly fine. Choose what works best for you.

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Blakely Stephenson
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Spa & Image Consultant

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Irregular/Seasonal/Cyclical Income Budgeting

More great info from Joseph Sangl.  Check him out here

Irregular/Seasonal/Cyclical Income Budgeting – Part 2

This is part two of a series focused on how to prosper while earning irregular income.  It is my goal to help you stop living the feast/famine lifestyle that is so often associated with irregular income.
As we focus on today’s step, it is helpful to review the previous step.

Step 1 – Recognize it!  To avoid living the feast/famine lifestyle, you need to recognize that you are earning irregular income. The next step is to determine how much money is necessary to make the household operate efficiently for each month.

Step 2 – Determine monthly expenses To determine your monthly expenses, you should pull up a monthly budgeting form and do the following.

A.  Fixed Expenses  Enter all of your fixed expenses – house payment, utilities, gasoline, car payments, credit card payments, groceries, cell phone, childcare, etc.  This also includes SAVING for retirement!

B.  Variable Expenses  Enter the average of all of your variable expenses – clothing, spending money, entertainment, dining out, etc.

C.  Known, Upcoming Non-monthly Expenses  This is a KEY STEP!!!  If you do not add in all of those known, non-monthly upcoming expenses, you will continue to live the feast/famine lifestyle (more likely the famine lifestyle!!!!).  These type of expenses are BUDGET-BUSTERS.  Here is what I do.  I list all of the known, upcoming non-monthly expenses and place their annual cost next to them.  I then divide that number by twelve to determine how much I need to save per month.
EXAMPLE == Known Upcoming Non-Monthly Expenses ==

So in this example, I would include a line item of $483 in my monthly budget for Known, Upcoming Non-monthly Expenses.  This would allow me to bring a stop to the feast, famine lifestyle!!!  Want to read more about planning for known, upcoming non-monthly expenses?  Click HERE.
You now have a monthly budget that will change very little through the year and have successfully completed Step 2 – Determine monthly expenses!
Now, of course, the trick is to have enough cash on hand every month to make this monthly budget work! 
Question of the Day:  What have been the biggest budget-busting expenses you have experienced?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Actress Ali Landry

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I have been using Regeneration- Tight, Firm & Fill and I don’t know if I can accurately convey how much I’ve seen my skin change. It’s been somewhat magical! I’ve started wearing less

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capsules, Lip Apeel, and I am absolutely obsessed with the Instant Manicure. My makeup artist Davia has even been using BC makeup on other clients! I know that women would be relieved if they could buy one line, one brand…and I think believe they can! Thank you BeautiControl!

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Ali Landry
Actress & Mompreneur

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

West/Dry & Fiesta Color Sale

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BeautiControl eBeauti Tip: How to Make Your Fragrance Last

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Monday, July 9, 2012

You Know You Have Financial Freedom When

So sorry for my absence from blogging last week. Our little guy had his tonsils and adenoids taken out last Monday along with tubes put in his ears. So last week I played nurse so blogging was put on the back burner. Our little guy is doing great and we are glad to have it behind us!! On to Money Monday from Joseph Sangl.... You Know You Have Financial Freedom When… Since July 4th was last week– Independence Day for the United States of America, I thought it would be great to share some ways that you KNOW that you have Financial Freedom! You know you have financial freedom when … You forget when payday is. The car completely blows up, and you can just go pay cash for another one. You are not afraid to tell your manager that he/she is wrong and that there is a better way.  (I have seen many people who are afraid to tell their manager this for fear of retribution or loss of their job.  That’s too bad. I believe that most managers love to have their employees tell them when they are wrong!) You lose your income and your healthy savings account allows you to live for months without incurring any new debt. You lose the fear of negotiating a better deal.  (If anything costs more than $100, it is worth negotiating – including with services like doctors, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, house cleaning, cable, etc. Bill paying time takes a total of 30 minutes a month. You can take the job you were put on earth to do … regardless of the income potential! You have enough.  “Enough” does not have a number, but you have financial freedom when you KNOW you have “enough.” What are some others you would add to this? Finish the sentence …  “You know you have financial freedom when …” Looking for additional Personal Finance Resources?  You can obtain our free financial tools by clicking HERE.