Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Product Tip and Pictures worth a 1,000 words

PRODUCT TIP...BC Spa Restructuring Eye Creme... as Tina Turner would say..."It's Simply the Best, Better Than ALL the Rest!" This product reduces lines, wrinkles and sagging skin around eyes. Hyaluronic filling spheres plump cells and make skin look instantly younger! HERE'S MY TIP...Product Application...pat the product around the BONE area of the eye...NOT right under or over the eye next to lashes. As the body warms the eye creme it will slowly leach into the skin closer to the lashes. Apply to the bone area under the brow. Wilkie Cutrer says if you're 18 or older you need any eye cream until death, lol!!

Are you legs picture perfect? Check out these AMAZING results! I have a great special right now on 2 piece set!! Purchase the sculpt set and pick one of our NEW waterproof eye crayons FREE!! I only have 2 sets left in-stock. You can see more products on my website as well.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Be Broke from Joseph Sangl

At our house we are always looking for ways to save money.  This is great info from Joseph Sangl on how to be broke.  Check him out here

SERIES: How To Be Broke

Welcome to the latest series here at the wildly popular! In this series, I will be sharing the top ways that people end up being financially broke. If you want to be BROKE, be sure to follow every single one of these tremendous ideas. On the other hand, if you want to win with your money – do the OPPOSITE of these amazing tips!

Never say NO!
It is no fun to say the word “No!” anyway. We don’t like to say the word to our children, and we definitely don’t like saying it to ourselves! So, stop saying, “No!” Just give in to everything that you, your spouse, and your children want.

■Buy another video game (because they only have 91 already – with three different game consoles)

■Purchase another toy (and watch them play with the box more than the toy itself)

■Buy a new car (even though the other car was just fine – and nearly paid for)

■Go out to eat for the 20th meal this month (at TRIPLE the cost of a home-cooked meal)

■Go to the movies multiple times (at the low low price of a movie ticket – and a big-gulp soda)

On the other hand, let’s use the word “No!” for one thing: Saving for the future. Say “No!” to putting money into the retirement account and college fund. “Just say no!” to saving money for future plans, hopes, and dreams.

Employ these great tips, and you will be on your way to being completely broke!

QUESTION: Did you know that sometimes “No” means “Yes”? Click HERE for a thought that could revolutionize the way you view saying, “No!”

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It must stop

So sorry for the blogging hiatus.  We have moved and are finding our new normal.

I received this in an e-mail today from Focus on the Family and wanted to share this with you.  Big government has to stop.  Big government makes weak people. 

Dear Friend,
I want to bring you up to date on an important development in the battle for religious liberty, involving one of America's beloved businesses.

Hobby Lobby® is a family-owned business that began in 1972 in David Green's Oklahoma garage. It now employs 13,000 people at 500 outlets in 41 states. The Greens are evangelical Christians who run their business on biblical principles. They are closed on Sundays, employ chaplains to minister to workers' spiritual and emotional needs, and take out full-page ads every Christmas and Easter, wishing everyone the best.

This week Hobby Lobby's owners filed a federal lawsuit against the Secretary of Health and Human Services over what has become known as the HHS contraceptive mandate. This is the 28th lawsuit filed against it to date.

The increasing encroachment on our religious freedom arising from government regulations adopted under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has prompted dozens of individuals and organizations to rise up and say "This is not right."

Hobby Lobby and Mardel®—a national chain of Christian bookstores also owned by the Greens—provide health insurance for employees, but don't cover the possible abortion-inducing drugs required by the HHS because they believe all life is sacred. Now they face a government-imposed deadline that forces them to choose between abandoning their deeply held beliefs or pay fines of up to $1.3 million per day for refusing to comply with the mandate. With their backs in the corner, the Greens filed a federal lawsuit in Oklahoma this week asking the court to block the enforcement of this mandate.

A few weeks ago, another secular business owned by a Catholic family in Denver won temporary relief from the mandate: A federal judge ruled that they don't have to comply as their religious-freedom lawsuit against the government proceeds.

This is significant because the federal government has argued that secular corporations cannot possibly "exercise" religion, and therefore are not entitled to any protections from the conscience-violating provisions of the HHS contraceptive mandate.

The growing chorus of objections to it, however, tells me that Americans of all faiths are recognizing that business owners—along with nonprofit religious organizations—should not be required to compromise their deeply held beliefs in order to participate in public life.
For faith and family,
Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Smart People Sometimes Do Stupid Things With Money?

More great money info from Joseph Sangl.  Here is one of his blog posts and you can check out other posts by him here.
Why do smart people sometimes do stupid things with money?
I’ve seen really smart people make strange financial decisions.

■Bought a brand new car and financed 106% of it (sales tax and all!)

■Go to college and finance it 100% with student loans while obtaining a degree comparable to a degree in basket weaving

■Go on a very expensive vacation to Hawaii and put 100% on their credit card and have no money to immediately pay it off

■Withdraw all the equity out of their home to start an unproven new business

These types of decisions are made every day by very smart people! Perhaps even YOU have made one or more decisions like this. You may have to only look into the mirror to see someone who has done one or more of these financially horrendous items. I know that is as far as I have to look!!!

Back to my question. Why do smart people sometimes do stupid things with money?
Possible Answers

1.No plan. They wanted to spend the money on the item, but they did not plan for the expense. Consequently, they only money available when the purchase was made was very expensive debt.

2.No self-control. They wanted it! They wanted it now! They did not want to wait. No! Must have item … Must have item now … Will be emotionally scarred for life if item is not obtained now …

3.Hope I can pay for this. Not willing to face up to the fact that they can’t have an item now, but they buy it anyway hoping that “the money will come from somewhere.” The reality is that “hope is not a strategy” and this usually leads to tremendous financial penalties.

4.Talked into it. See #1, #2, and #3. You’ve seen it happen. The friends start talking about it. The friends are going on the vacation. The friends have the new car. Your friends are going to college and are not having to work while there. Justification is found through others’ circumstances.

If I were to attempt to sum the reasons that smart people sometimes do stupid things with money, I would say it is because they were ignorant of the REAL and LONG-TERM COST of those major financial decisions. If they truly knew the COST of those decisions, many tears of sorrow and regret and many money fights with their spouse could be avoided.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beat the Heat

Beat The Heat With BeautiControl's Herbal Hydrating Mist

 So, why do I love Skinlogics Herbal Hydrating Mist? Here are just a few of the reasons:

•It instantly cools and hydrates the skin

•It protects from environmental assaults

•It is great to keep in a cooler or refrigerator for an instant "pick me up"

•It is a MUST when you are outdoors, in the pool, working out, at a baseball game, etc.

•It is the perfect "attention getting" product. If you are out an about in the summer heat and pull out this product, EVERYONE wants to know what you are doing, and more importantly, how they can get some.

•It provides anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients to the skin to protect and nourish

•It is a great makeup lock to apply after finishing your makeup application to keep everything in place

•Applied to your skin immediately before or after applying your moisturizer aids in the absorption and penetration of your moisturizer

•Applied to the skin prior to your liquid or cream foundation can help your foundation blend more easily and look more natural

•Transferred to an "airline friendly" bottle, you can avoid dry skin that always occurs during frequent travel

Seriously...I have one at my desk, in my refrigerator, on the patio, in my car, in every bathroom in the house, etc. Don't believe me...just watch:

Check out BeautiControl's hydrating mist here on my beautipage.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I love learning ways to be smarter with my money and Joseph Sangl offers lots of them.  I thought you would like to read his info too.  Check him out below and more here.

In school, if you did not pay attention in class and did not study the subject matter, you would receive an undesirable letter grade. It would be the dreaded one-legged “A” – also known as a big ole “F”.

I don’t know what would have happened in your family, but if would have ever brought home a “F” on my report card, I am pretty sure that I would have become the first person who achieved near-earth orbit via an explosion from my parents.

This is an example of near-instantaneous feedback. If I choose not to study, it would take no more than a few months later to receive the dreaded “F” and ultimate accountability with my parents.

It is NO DIFFERENT with your finances! You might think that you are getting away without studying the subject. You might have convinced yourself that you do not really need to take time to plan your finances. You could even believe that you are doing well enough without learning more about finances.

I will tell you that you are dead wrong.

If you do not learn about the subject of your personal finances, you WILL have accountability.

It will come in the form of:

■Not being able to pay for your children’s wedding

■Not being able to pay for your children’s college

■Not being able to retire

■Not being able to take that vacation that the rest of your friends/family are taking because you are broke

■Daily FINANCIAL STRESS that just will not go away

■Questions from your children on why you and your spouse are always arguing about money

■Having to work tons of overtime just to pay the bills

■Having to take a second job just to pay the bills

■Not being able to be a stay-at-home mother because bills have forced you into the workplace

■Not being able to start that business you always wanted to start

■Not being able to realize a lifelong dream to travel around the world

I do not know if any of these have hit home with you, but I made a decision long ago that I would NOT allow money to dictate what I do and do not do. I will take the money that I have and tell every single George Washington where to go. I will ensure that quite a number of George’s are given away and that large quantities are saved BEFORE I start spending them on anything else.
My PRIORITY is to get an “A” on my finances. The only way I will accomplish this is to continue learning and applying what I learn to my finances.

Every. Single. Day.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wedding Fun

My college roommate got married this summer!!!  Everything was gorgeous and I was honored to be in her wedding and do her wedding makeup!!

Rehearsal Dinner
 Date night with my handsome hubby
 The bride and groom
 The bride with her bridesmaids
 Bridesmaids Luncheon
 The beautiful bride...
 About to be announced...
 Sweetness... Love this couple..
The bride and groom with our little family
What a fun time we had!!  I pray y'all have mnay years of love and happiness!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Charge Your Eye Repair Products

Men and women are different in so many ways, but one thing we all have in common is that we want to look as young as we can for as long as we can. For both men and women, the first place that all of us show the signs of aging is around the eyes. 
Check this out...

The skin around the eyes more thin and delicate than other parts of our body, which leaves it more susceptible to dehydration and damage. The result…the formation of fine lines, crow’s feet and lack of firmness. In addition, seasonal allergies, stress and even heredity can result in the development of dark circles, puffiness…a concern of both men and women of every age. This is the reason that eye products are among the best selling on the market.

Not only does BeautiControl offer one of the best eye creams you will ever find with the BC Spa Facial Restructuring Eye Cream, check it out here, we also have a variety of clinical strength, targeted solutions to help address more specific concerns.

One eye treatment that I just couldn’t live without is our:
•Platinum Regeneration Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Patches, check it out here,:

◦Formulated with an exclusive hydrogel that instantly plumps and hydrates the areas around the eyes and help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. I use these almost daily. They are so easy to apply immediately after getting up each morning…I have even been known to drive to work wearing them.

These eye patches are not only great alone, but they are also great to use to super-charge the results of some of other advanced eye solutions:

•If you are concerned with fine lines and lack of firmness, Regeneration Tight Firm and Fill Eye Serum, check it out here, will be your new best friend. Apply around the eyes, even on the lid, then apply your eye treatment patch, leave on the skin for as little as 15 minutes or as long as you have time for and you will see amazing results after just one use.

•If you are concerned with fine lines and the formation of wrinkles and crow’s feet, nothing beats Regeneration Overnight Retinol Recovery Eye Capsules, check it out here. Retinol is one of the most active anti-aging ingredients available and speeds the rate that the skin renews itself. Apply around the crow’s feet area and apply the patch.

•Worried about dark circles and puffiness…roll the BC Spa Solutions Undereye Dark circle and puffiness solutions, check out one of my personal favorites here, under the eyes and apply the patch. This magic wand contains an advanced blend of some of the most effective ingredients available for repairing the cause of dark circles and quickly reducing puffiness. This combination is a miracle worker and a life saver after a late night or seasonal allergies.

Of course each of these products could be used daily as part of your skin care regimen, but when combined with the patches, you will see more immediate and more dramatic results.

If you haven’t tried these, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Check out everything on my beautipage here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Is home mortgage interest deduction a good idea?

Here is more great money info from Joseph Sangl.  Check him out here.

Is Home Mortgage Interest Deduction A Good Idea?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions at our live events. Below is my answer.

If you have a mortgage and are paying interest, it is ABSOLUTELY very important to take the mortgage interest deduction. BUT there is a few key facts to consider as well.

One thing I have heard commonly stated is “I am not going to pay off my mortgage early because I do not want to lose the mortgage interest deduction.” I believe this saying was initiated by banks because it is much more costly to keep the mortgage than to pay the taxes owed without the interest deduction. See the example illustrated below.

The Mortgage Interest Deduction

Let’s say you paid $5,000 in interest on your mortgage last year. By taking the deduction, you effectively reduce your taxable income by $5,000. You receive back the tax rate on that home mortgage interest deduction. If your tax rate is 30%, you will receive a refund of $1,500 because of the home mortgage interest deduction (30% of $5,000). Of course, the bank keeps the $5,000 you paid in interest. Uncle Sam receives 30% of your taxable income which is now $40,000 because you were able to reduce your taxable income by the $5,000 interest you paid. The total net OUTGO from your bank accounts to Uncle Sam and the bank is $17,000!

The Paid-Off House Scenario

Well, you are living life pretty good in your debt-free condition! You have paid off your house, so now you no longer pay interest to the bank (yay!). This means you will be taxed on your full income of $45,000. If your tax rate is 30%, the total net OUTGO paid to Uncle Sam is $13,500!
NET RESULT: By eliminating your mortgage, you have $3,500 LESS OUTGO from your bank account to someone else.

Friday, August 3, 2012


I love pinterest.  It is just want this uncreative mother need who has a creative child.  I can help his creative juices flow by starting him out with a project.  For Mother's Day, we combined these 2 pins... 1 here and the other here.

T had the idea to add dirt and grass.  

I love to see his little/big hands at work!!

Then I found this on pinterest for little things to give his classmates on the last day of

Again, thank you to whoever started pinterest because it has helped me greatly!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Irregular/Seasonal/Cyclical Income Budgeting

More great money info from Joseph Sangl.  Check him out here.

There is a large group of people whose family economy is powered by irregular income.
Real estate agents, hair stylists, commissioned salesmen, and business owners all experience cyclical income.
Folks who live with this type of income often tell me that it is impossible to budget. They say that they have no idea how much they will make this month, so it makes budgeting impossible.
I say that not only is it possible, but people with irregular income need a budget more than anyone!!
In this series of posts, I will explain how to budget with irregular income. Here’s a hint – It’s EZ!!!
Step 1 – Recognize it!
You must recognize that you have irregular income! If you have ever starved to death during the “off” season, you KNOW what I am talking about! In order to stop having your life severely impacted by “off” seasons, you must prepare!
Question of the Day: If your family economy is powered by irregular income, what do you do to prepare for “off” seasons?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Steps to Flawless Foundation

~Following cleansing, toning and moisturizing skin, apply your face primer and let set for a few minutes. Try BC Secret Agent Natural Primer for the smoothest finish. $12
~Conceal minor flaws, blemishes and under-eye circles with concealer. I love BC's Tight Firm & Fill concealer for amazing coverage and plumping of lines and wrinkles! $15
~Choose a foundation color that matches your skin tone and disappears once blended well. If you are not sure of your color...I can do a shade match for you in about 2 minutes :) $FREE
~Place a small amount of liquid foundation on the back of one hand and dip your makeup brush or sponge for application. Our most popular liquid foundation is BC's TFF Foundation with Spf. amazing Coverage for all skin types and plumps & fills lines and wrinkles for a Flawless finish! $28
~Dot foundation to the center of your face, cheeks, forehead and chin and then blend gently. Beauticontrol has an awesome Professional Brush Set that will ease your makeup application and give you a perfect finish every time! $60 for 6 brush Set! Or Host a GLAM SPA and get the brushset FREE as your Hostess Reward!
~Make sure to blend out to your hair and jaw line until the foundation virtually disappears.
~Pay special attention to the blending around your nose and jaw line.

~Set the foundation with powder following application. Try BC's Wet/Dry Mineral powder for an unbelievable finish! Use dry for smooth coverage or to set foundation or wet as a foundation on it's own! $22
Note: You may choose to use concealer following foundation application, instead of before, which is perfectly fine. Choose what works best for you.

If you would like a FREE Customized SkinCare Analysis and me today to schedule your appointment!
Blakely Stephenson
BeautiControl Executive VIP
Spa & Image Consultant

Who likes cool savings during hot weather?!?!

You've got to try this foundation!!! If anyone wants to try it out this month, it's only $22, and it's on sale for $16.50!! I'm in LOVE! I barely have to touch up, and the coverage is amazing & long wearing! Inbox me to place your order. Watch this video to see the multiple uses...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Irregular/Seasonal/Cyclical Income Budgeting

More great info from Joseph Sangl.  Check him out here

Irregular/Seasonal/Cyclical Income Budgeting – Part 2

This is part two of a series focused on how to prosper while earning irregular income.  It is my goal to help you stop living the feast/famine lifestyle that is so often associated with irregular income.
As we focus on today’s step, it is helpful to review the previous step.

Step 1 – Recognize it!  To avoid living the feast/famine lifestyle, you need to recognize that you are earning irregular income. The next step is to determine how much money is necessary to make the household operate efficiently for each month.

Step 2 – Determine monthly expenses To determine your monthly expenses, you should pull up a monthly budgeting form and do the following.

A.  Fixed Expenses  Enter all of your fixed expenses – house payment, utilities, gasoline, car payments, credit card payments, groceries, cell phone, childcare, etc.  This also includes SAVING for retirement!

B.  Variable Expenses  Enter the average of all of your variable expenses – clothing, spending money, entertainment, dining out, etc.

C.  Known, Upcoming Non-monthly Expenses  This is a KEY STEP!!!  If you do not add in all of those known, non-monthly upcoming expenses, you will continue to live the feast/famine lifestyle (more likely the famine lifestyle!!!!).  These type of expenses are BUDGET-BUSTERS.  Here is what I do.  I list all of the known, upcoming non-monthly expenses and place their annual cost next to them.  I then divide that number by twelve to determine how much I need to save per month.
EXAMPLE == Known Upcoming Non-Monthly Expenses ==

So in this example, I would include a line item of $483 in my monthly budget for Known, Upcoming Non-monthly Expenses.  This would allow me to bring a stop to the feast, famine lifestyle!!!  Want to read more about planning for known, upcoming non-monthly expenses?  Click HERE.
You now have a monthly budget that will change very little through the year and have successfully completed Step 2 – Determine monthly expenses!
Now, of course, the trick is to have enough cash on hand every month to make this monthly budget work! 
Question of the Day:  What have been the biggest budget-busting expenses you have experienced?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Actress Ali Landry

Actress Ali Landry loves Beauticontrol!

I have been using Regeneration- Tight, Firm & Fill and I don’t know if I can accurately convey how much I’ve seen my skin change. It’s been somewhat magical! I’ve started wearing less

make-up because I felt my skin looked so much prettier without it and my husband who never, ever comments on such things has been telling me that I look younger and my skin looks incredible! I have seen my skin go from dull to bright and to be able to feel confident that my skin can look as good as it did at 25 is something to rave about! I can honestly tell you that I have not seen these differences from other skincare lines that I have used. I also love the Overnight Retinol Recovery eye

capsules, Lip Apeel, and I am absolutely obsessed with the Instant Manicure. My makeup artist Davia has even been using BC makeup on other clients! I know that women would be relieved if they could buy one line, one brand…and I think believe they can! Thank you BeautiControl!

Check out all BeautiControl has to offer here.

Ali Landry
Actress & Mompreneur

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

West/Dry & Fiesta Color Sale

Woohoo!!! BeautiControl's best selling foundation is on sale this month for 25% off!!!! I use wet/dry everyday and LOVE how it feels weightless!!!

BEAUTICONTROL Make-up SALE going on NOW!!! Shop from your seat and stay out of the heat with convenient door-to-door delivery or shipping!!   
Check out ALL the items on sale here under Fiesta Color Sale.

This month BeautiControl expanded 3 of our current lines by giving each of them a body wash and new packaging!!

BeautiControl eBeauti Tip: How to Make Your Fragrance Last

We know you've heard a million times to spray fragrances on your pulse points, but do you know where they are? They are the warmest areas of your body with the highest concentration of veins under the skin. Since heat intensifies fragrance, try out some Spa Sugar cologne on the nape of your neck, the back of your knees, inside your elbows, your cleavage and even that area above your hip bones!

Monday, July 9, 2012

You Know You Have Financial Freedom When

So sorry for my absence from blogging last week. Our little guy had his tonsils and adenoids taken out last Monday along with tubes put in his ears. So last week I played nurse so blogging was put on the back burner. Our little guy is doing great and we are glad to have it behind us!! On to Money Monday from Joseph Sangl.... You Know You Have Financial Freedom When… Since July 4th was last week– Independence Day for the United States of America, I thought it would be great to share some ways that you KNOW that you have Financial Freedom! You know you have financial freedom when … You forget when payday is. The car completely blows up, and you can just go pay cash for another one. You are not afraid to tell your manager that he/she is wrong and that there is a better way.  (I have seen many people who are afraid to tell their manager this for fear of retribution or loss of their job.  That’s too bad. I believe that most managers love to have their employees tell them when they are wrong!) You lose your income and your healthy savings account allows you to live for months without incurring any new debt. You lose the fear of negotiating a better deal.  (If anything costs more than $100, it is worth negotiating – including with services like doctors, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, house cleaning, cable, etc. Bill paying time takes a total of 30 minutes a month. You can take the job you were put on earth to do … regardless of the income potential! You have enough.  “Enough” does not have a number, but you have financial freedom when you KNOW you have “enough.” What are some others you would add to this? Finish the sentence …  “You know you have financial freedom when …” Looking for additional Personal Finance Resources?  You can obtain our free financial tools by clicking HERE.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Miss This Place

I am so glad we are moving only an hour (and some change) away from the Opelika/Auburn area.  I really love this town and the people here.  I am excited for what God has in store for us as start this new chapter in our lives but it is still hard to leave your "normal" behind. 

There are always so many fun things to do here!!!  Check out this cute Christmas event they had....

 Do you see the star in the background???
 There was a train that T and his Daddy rode that had the Star of David at the end!! 

Just wanted to share one of our Christmas memories here!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Chance to Save

The 10% off W.H.O. SALE ends this week!!!  Hurry to save on...
Hurry to get this W.H.O.'s Gorgeous set while it's on sale!!! Set includes W.H.O.'s Gorgeous Eau de Toilette, Lip Gloss and Nail Lacquer.

Want to save 10% off of our BC Spa Multi-Acid Resurfacing Peel?!?!
What does BeautiControl's peel do?

Pads pre-soaked in a potent formula that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age ......spots, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin and pore size at a fraction of the the price of a med-spa treatment.

Key Benefits:

• 15% combination of alpha-, poly- and beta-hydroxy acids combined with a 15% concentrate of willow bark extract encourage skin cell turnover for a more youthful appearance.
SALE!!! Regularly $70 on sale for $62.50 during our W.H.O. (BC's philanthropy Women Helping Others and a donation is made to them with each purchase) Sale BC Spa Resurface Microderm® Abrasion for Face is a deep exfoliation treatment. The ti...ny aluminum oxide crystals within the Microderm® Abrasion Facial Creme gently lift dead skin cells from the surface of the face, revealing clearer, more radiant and visibly youthful skin while aloe and several other essential oils help to soothe.

Are you legs ready for summer? Check out these AMAZING results! The W.H.O. sale offers a great price on the sculpt set!!  It includes the sculpting gel and firming lotion!!   You can see more products on my website as well.
Happy Shopping!!! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Types Of Financial Margin

Two Types Of Financial Margin

Here is a great post from Joseph Sangl.  Check him out here

Margin. The very word speaks strongly.
In writing, margin means “space.” Teachers tell us to leave margins and “don’t write in the margins.”
For any individual or organization to last, maintaining margin must be a priority. Here’s why – you will experience economic downturns. If financial margin has not been established, it can cause immediate financial issues and even jeopardize the solvency of the individual or organization.

There are two types of margin every person or organization should have in place.

1.Cash On Hand Savings (Financial Reserves)

2.Monthly Savings (Operational Margin)

1. Cash On Hand Savings (Financial Reserves)
Having money in the bank allows you to focus on your mission instead of exhausting yourself by determining the steps necessary to keep the doors open and the lights on. Financial reserves also allow you to ponder future opportunities to expand or grow your business or investments. Cash on hand also allows you the opportunity to encounter surprise expenses without worrying about how you will pay for them. In short, cash on hand allows you to sleep a lot better at night!

GOAL: 3 months of operating expenses

2. Monthly Savings (Operational Margin)
This type of margin is created by managing your costs such that you are able to add money to the bank account each and every month. This is what happens when you have a profitable organization or life. This type of margin allows you to know that current bills will be paid without having to erode financial reserves and to also fund future dreams!
GOAL: 15 to 20-percent profit margin

If I were to have a choice of one type of margin, I would choose #2 – Monthly Savings because I would be able to immediately begin funding #1 with the surplus profits!

Where are YOU personally when compared to this goals? Where is YOUR ORGANIZATION in relation to these goals?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Survival Makeup Tips

We all love summer, and BeautiControl has everything you need to keep you protected and looking great through the summer heat. Here are a few tips to help you keep your look safe from summertime makeup melt-down!
Avoid Makeup Mishaps

Tangerine Tango may be the color of the season, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should wear it, especially when it comes to choosing makeup colors. A common makeup mistake is coordinating your makeup shades to fit your wardrobe. Regardless of what clothing colors you choose, your makeup should work with your natural skin coloring rather than coordinate with your outfit.

Yellow based colors, such as orange, yellow, teal, mint and coral look best on those with golden (warm) under-tones, which is typically characterized by naturally red or strawberry blonde hair, and skin that burns or freckles in the sun. Blue-based colors such as blue, pink, purple,turquoise, and grey look best on those with blue undertones, which is typically characterized by blonde, brown or black hair and skin that tans more easily in the sun.

To discover the colors that are best for your unique coloring, BeautiControl’s eBeauti is the answer (click here and look for the eBeauti color wheel at the top). eBeauti’s eColor computerized analysis will identify your skin tone and create a custom fit profile to assist you in choosing the right colors for your clothing and cosmetic wardrobe.

Summer Makeup Made Easy On-the-Go Makeup: Going “natural” doesn’t have to mean going without makeup. Summer makeup should be easy to apply and durable enough to stand-up to the heat and humidity. 4 products is all it takes to be out the door in less than 5 minutes:

•A tinted moisturizer with an SPF will both moisturize your skin and even your skin tone for a flawless look without foundation that keeps your skin protected from UV damage.

•Look for a multicolored bronzing powder to serve triple duty as an eye shadow, blush and bronzer when dusted across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

•A water-proof mascara that can stand up to heat, humidity, and even swimming and exercise.

•Look for a tinted lip balm that contains an SPF to keep your lips hydrated and protected yet give you natural wash of color.

BeautiControl recommends BC Color Tinted Moisturizers, Beauti and the Beach Tri-Colored Bronzing Powder, Spectaculash Waterproof Mascara and BC Color Tinted Lip Balm.

Summertime Glam Viva La Glam: Look “hot” this Summer with color that is natural, light-weight, yet durable enough to withstand the hot Summer sun or those even hotter Summer nights:
•A lightweight liquid makeup is appropriate for all skin conditions and can provide a natural, yet full-coverage finish to the skin. Be sure to choose one that contains an SPF for added protection.

•Cream eye shadows are the perfect choice for the Summer. Not only do they contain a built-in primer for added durability, but they blend effortlessly and offer a sexy shimmer that is sure to get attention.

•A cream blush is a must-have. They blend naturally into the skin creating a glow that brightens the skin without looking harsh and un-natural

•Look for lip colors that have built-in hydration to keep the lips hydrated, supple and in kiss-ably soft.

BeautiControl recommends Regeneration Tight Firm and Fill Foundation SPF 20, Island Sunset Eye Shadow Crayons, Island Sunset Cream Blush, BC Color Hydrating Lip Color

Beat the Summer Heat Avoid Makeup Melt-Down: Makeup primer is one of those must-have products. Not only will it help control oil during the warmer summer months, it will also minimize the appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles. Applied before your liquid or powder foundation, you can increase your makeup wear and prevent makeup melt-down by the end of the day.

BeautiControl recommends Secret Agent Color Primer in Natural, a multipurpose primer that will minimize pores, control oil and keep foundation from being the victim of makeup melt-down.
The Faux Glow: Looking for a custom fit bronzer? Create a natural looking glow by choosing a powder foundation that is 2 shades darker than your normal shade and dust onto the face with a large powder brush. This will keep your "tan" in line with your natural coloring, giving you a more natural glow.
Try BC Color Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish, the most versatile foundation/powder/bronzer you will ever use. Portable enough to take with you wherever you go, and durable enough to stand up to the toughest heat and humidity.

Brow-WOW: A clear mascara or lash primer serves double duty. Not only can you get longer, fuller lashes, but you can create perfectly defined brows, keeping them groomed and color-fast in the summer heat.

BeautiControl recommends Spectaclash Thickening Primer and Maximum Length Mascara give you the best of both worlds with this uniquely packaged double-ended problem solver.

Stay a Little Longer: To help your eye shadow and lip color last longer, apply your foundation to both your lips and eyelids. By priming them with foundation, you will minimize imperfections and help lip color and eye shadow to stay on longer and remain transfer and crease resistant.
BeautiControl’s Regeneration Tight Firm and Fill Concealer. Enriched with age defying peptides as well as an SPF, this durable smudge-proof concealer creates the perfect finish while providing anti-aging benefits to the delicate eye area and protecting from UV damage.

What Lies Beneath: The key to flawless makeup is healthy skin. Make sure that you use products that are customized for your unique skin condition. To ensure healthy skin, make sure your skin care regimen includes the following products that:
                                  •cleanse without stripping the skin of natural moisture
                                  •hydrate and prevent moisture loss
                          •protect against UVA and UVB radiation as well as oxidative damage
                  •exfoliates dead surface cells to encourage the production of new skin cells
             •repair skin damage by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin,the skin’s natural building blocks

Skin care is not a one size fits all product. To find your perfect prescription to custom fit your skin care needs, take BeautiControl’s Skin s.p.a. (scientific personalized analysis), an online diagnostic tool that knows you better than you know yourself. BeautiControl’s BC Spa Facial skin care provides the maintenance, repair and prevention benefits you need to keep your skin looking great and acting younger.

Eye Rehab: Long Summer days and even longer Summer nights can play havoc on the sensitive skin around your eyes, resulting in loss of firmness, puffiness and dark circles.

BeautiControl comes to the rescue with BC Spa Under-eye Dark Circle/Puffiness Solution.  Give your eyes an immediate lift with a cocktail of active ingredients that instantly reduce puffiness, dark circles and firm the skin. Simply roll the BC Spa Under-eye Dark Circle/Puffiness Solution under the eyes and around the crow’s feet areas, allow to dry.

Multipurpose Must Have: If there’s one product that everyone should have this summer, it’s BeautiControl’s Skinlogics Herbal Hydrating Mist. Enriched with skin soothing botanicals, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid, this is a product you don’t want to be without:
•Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 it’s own molecular weight in water, keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Perfect to use before/after sun exposure and during exercise to give your skin a drink of water.

•After applying makeup, mist onto the skin as a “makeup lock” to increase the transfer-resistance of your foundation, eye shadow, and blush, preventing makeup meltdown.

•No need to wash your face when going from day to evening makeup. Simply mist your skin and blend your makeup with a sponge. Re-apply and you are ready to go. Around the Clock Pucker Protection: The two areas of the face that most vulnerable to UV damage are the lips and the eyes. Daytime moisturization and UV protection is crucial in the summer months.

BeautiControl has you covered around the clock with Skinlogics SPF Lip Balm to protect and moisturize the lips during the day. At night, give yourself a treatment with BeautiControl’s unique Lip Apeel. This two-in-one product has an exfoliating lip mask that removes dead skin build-up, revealing instantly smooth and kiss-able lips. The attached, award-winning lip balm provides long-lasting, overnight moisture.

No One Will Ever Know: It’s happened to all of us. That sun-kissed glow is nothing short of sexy, but too much sun exposure can leave your skin red and dehydrated.

Only you have to know with BeautiControl’s Secret Agent mint makeup primer. Applied under your foundation, this mint colored primer neutralizes redness in the skin caused by sunburn, rosacea or other skin irritations.

Stay Protected: When you think of summer, you think of sun. The sun is not necessarily our enemy in the summer and it certainly isn’t the only thing that you need to think about when considering skin protection products.
The sun is a key source of vitamins and nutrition for our overall health. Some sun is actually very good for us, as a key source of Vitamin D. When thinking about sun protection, keep your ABCs in mind...

•A = Away - Stay away from the sun in the middle of the day

•B = Block - Use SPF 15 or higher

•C = Cover up - Wear a T-shirt and a hat

These simple tips will help ensure that you protect your skin from both UVA and UVB sun damage, without completely depriving our bodies from essential nutrition that the sun can provide.

•BC Spa Facial Defend and Restore Moisturizers – will provide you with daily SPF protection that will prevent both burning and skin aging, while providing you with a broad spectrum of antioxidants to protect from oxidative skin damage, encouraging healthy new cell development.

• Cell Block C Multivitamin Capsules – this product is a year-round must have, but has special features that will help ensure healthy skin during the summer months. This products is made up of a super-high concentration of key antioxidants in a silicone base that will help control oil and shine during the day. A winning combination for Summer skincare needs.

•BC Color SPF Lip Balms - available in a clear or tinted formulas, these lip saving wonders will moisturize and protect the delicate skin on your lips from moisture loss and UV damage.

Get Some Hair-apy: If you are one of those who like to spend a little quiet time out by the pool with a book (or a trashy gossip magazine), multi-task by giving yourself a deep conditioning hair mask to restore the luster that can be robbed by the sun during summer months. Apply BeautiControl’s BC Spa Solutions Radical Hydration Concentrate to the hair as a hot oil treatment, then slather your hair with

BC Spa Body Ultra Rich Body Moisturizer as a deep conditioning moisture mask. You will LOVE the way your hair looks and feels.

BeautiControl has everything you need to keep you calm, cool and protected this summer. BeautiControl's got you covered, now go out and have some fun!!!

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