Monday, August 13, 2012


I love learning ways to be smarter with my money and Joseph Sangl offers lots of them.  I thought you would like to read his info too.  Check him out below and more here.

In school, if you did not pay attention in class and did not study the subject matter, you would receive an undesirable letter grade. It would be the dreaded one-legged “A” – also known as a big ole “F”.

I don’t know what would have happened in your family, but if would have ever brought home a “F” on my report card, I am pretty sure that I would have become the first person who achieved near-earth orbit via an explosion from my parents.

This is an example of near-instantaneous feedback. If I choose not to study, it would take no more than a few months later to receive the dreaded “F” and ultimate accountability with my parents.

It is NO DIFFERENT with your finances! You might think that you are getting away without studying the subject. You might have convinced yourself that you do not really need to take time to plan your finances. You could even believe that you are doing well enough without learning more about finances.

I will tell you that you are dead wrong.

If you do not learn about the subject of your personal finances, you WILL have accountability.

It will come in the form of:

■Not being able to pay for your children’s wedding

■Not being able to pay for your children’s college

■Not being able to retire

■Not being able to take that vacation that the rest of your friends/family are taking because you are broke

■Daily FINANCIAL STRESS that just will not go away

■Questions from your children on why you and your spouse are always arguing about money

■Having to work tons of overtime just to pay the bills

■Having to take a second job just to pay the bills

■Not being able to be a stay-at-home mother because bills have forced you into the workplace

■Not being able to start that business you always wanted to start

■Not being able to realize a lifelong dream to travel around the world

I do not know if any of these have hit home with you, but I made a decision long ago that I would NOT allow money to dictate what I do and do not do. I will take the money that I have and tell every single George Washington where to go. I will ensure that quite a number of George’s are given away and that large quantities are saved BEFORE I start spending them on anything else.
My PRIORITY is to get an “A” on my finances. The only way I will accomplish this is to continue learning and applying what I learn to my finances.

Every. Single. Day.

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