Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beat the Heat

Beat The Heat With BeautiControl's Herbal Hydrating Mist

 So, why do I love Skinlogics Herbal Hydrating Mist? Here are just a few of the reasons:

•It instantly cools and hydrates the skin

•It protects from environmental assaults

•It is great to keep in a cooler or refrigerator for an instant "pick me up"

•It is a MUST when you are outdoors, in the pool, working out, at a baseball game, etc.

•It is the perfect "attention getting" product. If you are out an about in the summer heat and pull out this product, EVERYONE wants to know what you are doing, and more importantly, how they can get some.

•It provides anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients to the skin to protect and nourish

•It is a great makeup lock to apply after finishing your makeup application to keep everything in place

•Applied to your skin immediately before or after applying your moisturizer aids in the absorption and penetration of your moisturizer

•Applied to the skin prior to your liquid or cream foundation can help your foundation blend more easily and look more natural

•Transferred to an "airline friendly" bottle, you can avoid dry skin that always occurs during frequent travel

Seriously...I have one at my desk, in my refrigerator, on the patio, in my car, in every bathroom in the house, etc. Don't believe me...just watch:

Check out BeautiControl's hydrating mist here on my beautipage.

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