Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Sky, Montana

Chance and I enjoyed a little 5th year anniversary trip a little early this year. We wanted to go some where neither of us had been before so we headed to Big Sky, Montana to enjoy a little alone time and skiing!!

As you will see from the pictures, Montana has lots of elbow room and we would highly recommend it to anyone (just wear lots of layers because it is rather chilly) and can't wait to go back.

We thought this was our puddle jumper from Salt Lake City to Bozeman but luckily it wasn't

View from the plane

I have never seen a center pivot covered in snow

First Day of Skiing

Chance on one of the ski lifts (he was not happy that I was taking so many pictures but one day he will be glad we have them)

Me on one of the ski lifts

Chance and the beautiful mountains

Lunch on the mountain at the Pinnacle

Us at the top of one of the lifts with a beautiful view

I am not usually a real nature person (that is usually my husband) but Montana was beautiful. I don't know how anyone could look at these beautiful mountains and say there is not a God in Heaven, our Savior who created them.

View from our room on the 2nd day of skiing

Notice how it is snowing so and the snow clouds are so thick that the ski lift disappears

At this point it had stopped snowing but there were several inches of fresh snow on the ground. This is Chance going down a slope (yes, he has on boots and skis)

At a great Italian restaurant one night. (I love the mirrors behind us going to keep that in my house ideas.)

This was the floor in the entrance of the Italian restaurant. (keeping this in mind too)

I am glad I made it down this slope alive. I had to get a picture in from of it before we left. You can't tell but this is a blue and it was almost a straight drop off. Montana was certainly the most challenging slopes we had every skied on.

In our hotel lobby before we left. We enjoyed reading by the fire!!

Views coming down the mountain

If you look very closely (to the left by the rocks) you will see a herd of wild big horn sheep we saw along the Gallatin River

I loved the rustic feel of Montana. Even the airport in Bozeman was rustic.

This is certainly a different view than we are used to at the Atlanta airport

I have a wonderful husband who is hard working, patient and a great father. I am so glad we had time to get away together and celebrate our marriage. I love you more today than I did 5 years ago. Thank you to my parents for keeping T for us!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

St. Jude Ranch

Thank you Mrs. Melodie Smith, one of my childhood friend's mom, for sharing this idea. I hate throwing things away and am so glad to find someone with a use for things. I am going to send the fronts off my Christmas Cards, Brithday Cards and Thank You Cards to St. Jude's Ranch for Children for them to be recycled and others can enjoy!
Check it out here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Iced In

The second weekend in January was a shock in the south. T and I went to my parent's house for my mom's BC team rally. My husband had to stay behind because fresh pine straw has fallen and the hay and pine straw business he and his brother have is really taking off. (If you need any let us know, they are in 50 pound round bales and super easy to roll out in the yard.) T and I were planning on coming back on Monday but the roads were kinda bad (in South Georgia and Alabama we shut down at the sight of snow or ice) and my dad didn't want us to leave with the roads bad.

We enjoyed being iced in at my parent's house and spending extra time with them.

Getting ready to go out...

Making footprints

Excuse the no make-up (see how good BeautiControl works) and our hodgepodge clothes

Check out the ice on what was once my swingset but is now T's

T kept calling it snow and it looks like snow but it was really mostly ice.

Driving his blue car in the snow (this was once my pink Barbie Car but my dad painted it blue for T)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Only one more week....

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Georgia Mud

I am so excited Jo's new song is now available on iTunes!!

Check out Georgia Mud by Joanna Smith!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

War Eagle!!!

We were planning on being at home to all watch the Auburn Tigers win the National Championship but T and I got iced in at my parent's house in Georgia (Chance had to stay here to keep up with the demand of the hay and pinestraw business he and his brother have). We enjoyed spending extra time with my parents, though!! We were planning on going to Toomer's Corner the night of the game but we ended up having to go on Tuesday night. Let me tell you, in 5 years I have never seen so much toilet paper at Toomer's Corner. We took a few pictures and then headed back home. It was sooooo cold.
In honor of Auburn going Duck hunting, T has on his camo shirt and Auburn jersey!!

So proud of our Auburn Tigers!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


With Auburn playing in the National Championship game on Monday it makes me reminisce about all the fun we had this fall at Auburn football games.

Here are some highlights...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reverse Tiger Walk

Who would have thought when we were having a great time at the block parties downtown this fall that we would be sending the Tigers off to the National Championship!!!

We loved the block parties that were downtown every Friday night before home games!!


Dancing and Hugs

We of course loved going to roll Toomer's Corner after one of the many wins!!

This Monday we enjoyed sending the team off to Arizona at the Reverse Tiger Walk. (It was reverse because we were sending the team off instead of sending them into the stadium.)

Addie found this great picture and had a great explination of why we couldn't see the players better on her blog here.
Cam (and us in the very back)!!

The Kids

Back of Cam's head..

Waiting for the players to drive by

Coach Chizik

Even though we couldn't see the players up close and personal, like at a regular Tiger Walk, it was still fun to go. It was so fun to see how pumped up they guys were that we were there to see them off. They were giving us thumps-up and #1's as they passed by us leaving on the bus. They were even videoing and taking pictures of us as they were leaving. You could tell they were so appreciative of us being there.
It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!!! War Eagle!!