Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Be Nice to Your Neck

I love this information from Martha Stewart on Being Nice to Our Neck!!

Guilty of neck neglect?  Fight the droop with an effective skin regimen that doesn't stop at the jawline. 

We love our necks, honestly, we do.  Without them, how would we stick our neck out for a friend, move our head around, or get oxygen from our lungs to our brain?  And don't forget the abundance of nerve cells clusterd at the base of our neck- that's an erogenous zone.  Oh la la!  Clearly this statuesque structure performs very important functions beyond being a showcase for those fabulous beads you found on vacation. 

Fact is, we're busy, frugal, and frankly, uninformed.  Who knew necks needed special attention?  Is it really worth squandering that costly antiaging salve just to save our necks?

The answer is yes, say dermatologist, makeup artists and women (most famously Nora Ephron) who wish they had paid a little more attention to this swath of skin.  Avoid the pull of gravity and get a chin up with a few toning tips. 

Lotions and Potions...

Cleanse and Moisturize

Think gentle- emollient cleansers, nonirritating creams.  Skin on the neck is thin, with very little connective tissue, so the signs of aging (a crepey appearance, brown spots, line) appear much more pronounced there than on the face. 
Naomi Kunizawa, a Shiseido research associate who explored neck physiology in 2006 International Journal of Cosmetic Science paper, suggests a light, easy to spread neck cream "to avoid excess force" and excess stretching.  The neck also contains fewer stem cells to help promote skin renewal, so those classic clock-stopping tools, such as peels and retinoic acid, aren't the right routes to take in this instance. 

Neck Cream or No?

Moisturizers formulated specifically for the neck are generally smoother than typical face creams, so they create less pull on the skin.  And the antiaging agents are carefully designed to deliver results without a reaction. 
If you're in your 20s- and your skin looks it- a face or body moisturizer will do fine, says Jeffrey Dover, Yale University associate clinical professor of dermatology.  "You don't need to own 6 different creams."  He does, however, stress the importance of being religious about sunscreen. 
It's the 30+ set who may want to give neck creams a go.  "Look for those directed at treating fine lines and wrinkles,"  says Elizabeth callahan, a dermatologica surgeon in Sarasota, Florida.  Many boast toners that offer an immediate skin-tightening tingle and brighteners to help camoflage dark spots.  The addition of peptides and plant stem cells help promote collagen regeneration, for results said to be similar to a doctor-superised, in-office treatment.  (At $900, ReVive's Peau Magnifique, is almost as pricey.)  "Ten years ago, it was all about hydration," says Nadine Pernodet, executive director of skin biology, research and development at Estee Lauder Companies.  "Now we have new teachology to address the speficic functions of skin." 

This is a side not from Blakely (since it is my blog, lol).  I love BeautiControl's Tight Firm and Fill Neck Serum- check it out here.  I use it everyday and LOVE it!!  I love all of this info from Martha Stewart Living because I feel like my neck is a trouble area.  I am only 25 but want a tight, smooth neck and don't want to be mistaken for a turkey, as there are lots of hunters in Alabama and turkey season arrives in March.  I am all about prevention now to look great later!!!

Don't Forget the Sunblock

"The neck is one of the hardest areas to rejuveante, so repsect it,"  says Callahan.  Use a sunscreen EVERYDAY."  If you're outside, be sure to reapply.  A drag, yes, but so is contemplating turtlenecks in July. 

For Stressed-out necks.....
We crane it forward to stare at the computer and contort it to cradle the phone.  Here are 3 healthy hapits to keep your neck in line.

Good Posture
Keeping your shoulders back, try to line up your ears with them, suggests A. Lynn Millar, a professor of physical therapy at Winston-Salem State Univeristy in North Carolina.  If you find yourself dipping your neck to hold the phone, stop!  Briefly bend your neck to the opposite side, and focus on remaining in proper position- or invest in a headset.

Edurance Exercises for Neck Muscles
Lie on your back with your head on a pillow.  Tuck your chin to your chest, and hold that position for 5 second (longer as it becomes easer).  Then press your head back.  Repeat 10 times daily. 

Cat-and-Cow Pose
To alleviate tension and tightness, get on your hands and knees and inhale, dropping your head downward and rounding the spine like a startled cat.  Next exhale, arching back, lifting your head, chest, and derriere toward the ceiling.  Repeat 12 times daily, advises Loren Bassett, an instructor at Pure Yoga, in New York. 

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